Sunday, September 4, 2011


Everyone likes to create and to consume. If you aren't minimal things could get messy!
I'm on the path to creation while weeding out the unnecessary things in my life. I think I've got something here. Love, passion, drive.

I've been cooking a lot of my own meals lately; instead of succumbing to Whole Foods' monopoly of prepared foods. D: Though it is convenient and delicious~
But I know if I just put a bit of effort I can make the same if not better dishes :)

I have naughty days where my Geliebter and I go to the pub have some beers and some fried foods and then the following day if I'm not active enough I try and eat as simple as possible. I sauteed up some hearty red bell pepper and crimini mushrooms. Topped with a small brown egg and chopped avocado from my backyard. A nice light but hearty power meal to get me through work.

But anyway~ while i was cooking I didn't have anything to dry my hands on in between washes! Then I remembered this cute floral apron I bought at the thrift store! And everytime I rubbed my hands into the fabric I got a nostalgic feeling. It wasn't from me using an apron when I was little or seeing my mother cooking in the kitchen. I realized how much I admired scenes in movies where the camera stops to focus on a woman drying her hands on her apron. It looks so graceful and humble. The act of a women stopping what she is doing in the kitchen, wiping her hands, taking a seat to listen to her loved one. She may not have known, but she simply dried her hands just so she can rest her chin in her hand. :)

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