Sunday, September 4, 2011


Everyone likes to create and to consume. If you aren't minimal things could get messy!
I'm on the path to creation while weeding out the unnecessary things in my life. I think I've got something here. Love, passion, drive.

I've been cooking a lot of my own meals lately; instead of succumbing to Whole Foods' monopoly of prepared foods. D: Though it is convenient and delicious~
But I know if I just put a bit of effort I can make the same if not better dishes :)

I have naughty days where my Geliebter and I go to the pub have some beers and some fried foods and then the following day if I'm not active enough I try and eat as simple as possible. I sauteed up some hearty red bell pepper and crimini mushrooms. Topped with a small brown egg and chopped avocado from my backyard. A nice light but hearty power meal to get me through work.

But anyway~ while i was cooking I didn't have anything to dry my hands on in between washes! Then I remembered this cute floral apron I bought at the thrift store! And everytime I rubbed my hands into the fabric I got a nostalgic feeling. It wasn't from me using an apron when I was little or seeing my mother cooking in the kitchen. I realized how much I admired scenes in movies where the camera stops to focus on a woman drying her hands on her apron. It looks so graceful and humble. The act of a women stopping what she is doing in the kitchen, wiping her hands, taking a seat to listen to her loved one. She may not have known, but she simply dried her hands just so she can rest her chin in her hand. :)

Tuesday, August 30, 2011

The Looker

John Reston: Television can control public opinion more effectively than armies of secret police, because television is entirely voluntary. The American government forces our children to attend school, but nobody forces them to watch T.V. Americans of all ages *submit* to television. Television is the American ideal. Persuasion without coercion. Nobody makes us watch. Who could have predicted that a *free* people would voluntarily spend one fifth of their lives sitting in front of a *box* with pictures? Fifteen years sitting in prison is punishment. But 15 years sitting in front of a television set is entertainment. And the average American now spends more than one and a half years of his life just watching television commercials. Fifty minutes, every day of his life, watching commercials. Now, that's power.

Pink Elephants on Parade || Dumbo (1941)
The Looker (1981)

Sunday, December 12, 2010


I revived my facebook... and it was pointless. Whatever. Now I can scroll up and down my feed and feel indifferent.

I'm a little kid. I'll always be a little kid. And it's scary. I have to be a woman.
I get excited over the littlest things and it's beautiful. But it also means I have high hopes over the littlest things. My big heart can't handle being let down. I can't imagine when something actually important happens...
I need some blood flow.
Gotta buy a sports bra, lol.

I think I'm going to get braces.
when i die

mild, temperate

Thursday, November 11, 2010

i've become such a S-Q-U-A-R-E

It's time to create and inspire! BOOOOOM~

I deleted my facebook. It felt so pointless for me to be on there. I know people will miss the awesome I shared, heh. But I can do that here and not have to see a news feed full of garbage. It will go on without me das for sure. :/
I need to get a desk, a working computer, a webcam, learn how to sew... Create some content worth looking at!

But right now, I want to cut my hair and dip my body into water with the lover. Rubby dub dub inna hot tub. Yum.

I haven't experienced sleep paralysis in a while.

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

dwoo dwoo dwoo~ 3 dollar dress + 3 dollar tights + free belt = ~dwoo dwoo dwoo~

I need some food!

Friday, March 12, 2010

Hi there, 2010!

Where have I been!
Welp now I'm 19 almost 20... still trying to figure things out. I don't even have a passion for fashion right now. My life is so floaty lah going with the flow~ I need to surt some goals and create some great things!
I dunyow~
I'll be back with something good, blog. I promise. :)

But for now~~~~~ Here!

ink, tea, and spencer smiles

Friday, October 2, 2009


Hello long lost brog~ A lot has changed of the summer. Anyway~ Here is what I wore today.


Hey another cyat~

Ear tug nyuuuuuu

There's the back~

I bought that shirt for a quarter and decided to paint on it. You can probably tell I didn't really know what to paint, heh. I got the skirt at Target, the leggings at Forever 21, and the boots from Delia's.
Total of this outfit is... about $45. That's actually a lot for me. D;